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Meme~ from </font></a></font></b></a>hazukashiii :D,she gave me NINO
"I'll give you one person, and you have to answer questions below about that person."

1. Do you like this person?
2. How do you call this person?
3. Which color do you associate with this person?
Yellow.. it's obvious ne~~
5. Looking at his/her character, what blood type do you think he/she have?
hmm.. ermm.. ahh.. i'm not that type who loves to describe people based on their blood type and neither do I wanna know about it~XD 
6. What do you want to tell that person?
I really love u no matter what a dork u become..haha
7. What do you want to do with this person: hug, kiss or shake hands?
8. Pick five of your friends and pick one person for them.
I want to choose mydokidoki , aqua_cactus ... no more, just two.. and i give you two NINO..XDD

Anybody who want to do this can just comment me~~<33

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