Today is such a mess..
I woke up late that I missed my Comp. Application's quiz..
I was late for the Technical English's interview as I got the wrong schedule..
My boyfiend annoyed me big time today..
I'm so hungry but dun have the energy to get any food..
I got lots of Macroeconomy tutorial to be done but I've been procastinating until now and I don't feel like doing it now..
But I still have to do it..
tomorrow morning I got Macro class..
She probably wanna discuss about it..
And now I feel like buying an ice cream for myself..
Yay!!!*off to MiniMart to get icecream*
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I want them all......

LOL.. I thought I'm gonna post more since my comeback, but it looks like I only post once in a month.XD Well, I got lots of things to be done at uni...

So School Kakumei is only featuring 3 of the JUMP?? So happy that Hikaru is in... but~~ but~~ I WANT THEM ALL.. i want my Yuto, Ryutaro~~~

Credit: smalltownsburns


Long time haven't posted here and I cleared everything I previously posted.. Hope to start everything new~~
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