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I want!!

i really wanna watch Smile and also The Quiz Show, but my time won't allow it~~ I wanna watch it...

Right after the exam ended, I will surely watch it!! Exam please end very fast.. Haha, i said it like I've already prepared for the paper already..


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So The Quiz Show's theme song is by Arashi.. YAY!!!!

I'm more excited to wait for this drama compared to Smile. Maybe because of the storyline is kinda new to me. But Smile is still interesting as I would love to see Jun as a Filipino. The theme is kinda interesting too.

Salsa iine iine.. I dunno what to say about this song.. It just couldn't get my attention. It sounds like something my kindergarten teacher would tought us to sing. it just sooo childish.. dun kill me, it is just my opinion. Hopefully it will change.